Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love The One You're With- Design Manifest

If you need a dose of inspiration then look no farther than Naomi's blog...
As part of father/daughter design duo (how great is that?) her great taste is evident in every post. See what I mean?....

Hey everyone. I'm Naomi from Design Manifest and I need to be reminded daily to love what I've got. I am your typical OCD redecorator type. I'm always looking at my space with a critical eye- analyzing what needs to be improved, what editing can bring a better balance, etc etc. But the truth of the matter is that I am so lucky to live in a beautiful loft. That's why I love Marianne's series so much, it's helped me appreciate the good stuff.

So let me give you a little tour of a few areas.

This is one section of my living room. I recently added a slipcover to a modern sofa and I love how it's changed the personality of my entire space.

Nearly everything I own has been found at flea markets, estate sales, craigslist, or Ebay. I just don't have the budget or commitment to spend more right now. I scored my glass coffee table for $30! What's not to love about that?

I found this painting in my grandmother's basement and paired with two Ikea Rast cabinets. A little black paint and some new hardware totally changed their look.

I have a serious weakness for La Fiorentina fabric so I splurged on this entry bench. I paired it with a free mirror. It was a little small, so I painted a frame around it to make it pop.

I dressed up my Ikea bookcase with plate mirror backs and lots of pretties. The pop art was also found in my grandmother's basement. My nana's house is so stylish, even the basement looks better than my pad!

Since I have an open loft with 20' ceilings, I left most of the walls white. But I did paint a bold blue in my office nook. I painted a second-hand parsons desk hot pink. I just love that blue pink contrast.

One last thing I love- my clerestory windows! Every time I look up at the ceiling I smile.

So those are just a few elements of my apartment I love. I hope you enjoyed them too. Looking back at these now, I'm noticing how much pink I have! I swear it isn't as obvious in real life.

Marianne, thanks so much for having me over. I'm honored to be over here.

Thanks Naomi! I don't know where to start with your space there is so much I am obsessed with! First, your rug is one I have been DYING for for years now. Also, you are making my love of pink stronger. And those windows...they can come stay at my house anytime!