Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Client Progress...Seasons of Change

 How you remember time is an interesting thing. With building clients my memories of the job are often tied directly to the weather since building from the ground up progresses through many seasons.   Last winter I sat across from a new client at a local Starbucks (pre office days) and we discussed her future home that was being drawn up.  It was cold and dreary outside but the images of a place the family could nest for years to come kept us warm.  I also clearly remember telling her I was pregnant, "but not to worry, we will work around it".
  Quickly the winter turned into spring and as the days got longer we used the extra daylight to study and debate decisions like type of brick and various counter tops and tile options.
And then came the HEAT and the bump was in full force.  Oh those many July and August days on the various job sites, they were something else....

The months continued to fly by and here we find ourselves again; winter bringing the cold weather back, only this time the house is no longer a dream.  I stopped by on Monday to see the progress and it was a great way to start the new year.  Months of dreaming and planning coming to fruition....and good looking fruition at that.

 Can you see the memories that will be made in this kitchen?  I can.  The best thing about being an Interior Decorator is not the creative outlet (although that is a huge perk), it is working with people to make a house their home. Large job or small, it always feels just as good.
Sneak peek: A slate backsplash and gorgeous counter tops (hard to see in this picture) = a good time in the upstairs entertaining/guest area.
 Oh those countertops I am so obsessed with.....
And as much fun as this day was, I know even better days are ahead in the coming weeks...move in day!  Beauties like these will be unwrapped and placed in their permanent home.  Of course everything takes time and I know when the warm winds of Spring arrive we will think back to this cold day and how far everything has come, all the while knowing more seasons will come and go before we are ever "finished".  And that is okay.