Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Henry's Nursery- "The Big Board"- Part 1

Okay as promised nursery details are here.  Let's start with the single item I had the most questions regarding- Henry's Big Board as we call it.
It all started with a simple idea.  I wanted a huge board in Henry's room for pictures, etc. but I wanted something different than cork board.  I am going to have Patrick write about the initial conversations of what I envisioned but this was the very primitive sketch of what I wanted.  
In the beginning I planned on using old reclaimed floor planks from a local company that specializes in those sort of things but when hanging something over a crib, weight quickly becomes an issue.  Originally I wanted this board to be much larger but again, over a crib changes some details.

So after a lot of debate about safety Patrick went to work.  I had also planned on using amazing hardware for the corners but we ran into a lot of issues so in the end we used simple brackets to connect the boards.
 While most of my original ideas were scrapped/edited for one reason or another, one idea did make it all the way through- burlap upholstery tape woven across the back to hold up pictures, etc.  Ordered from an upholstery supplier this part was easy- weave, tighten and staple.
Several of you asked how we attached it to the wall so I included this picture to show the supports behind the board.  These boards (painted to match the wall) are screwed into the studs and the board was attached to these with hanging hardware.  I can tell you that board is not going anywhere, we were very careful about safety over the crib.
 Up after completion.
 I decided to include this too (although it is less than flattering) but it shows another view of the ceiling and light.
Closer view of materials.
Part II- Items on the board coming next.....

 First Image (the one better than the rest) courtesy of Paula of Two Ellie