Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Straight Talk

 Through this blog I get offers to test out products fairly regularly, but usually I pass.  I don't want to bombard readers with product reviews or feel I need to say something I really don't mean.  However, when an offer to review a flat iron came up I had to say yes.  As someone who has battled thick- half straight/half, wavy/frizzy hair for a long time I know a thing or two about flat irons.  Enter in the Hana Elite courtesy of Misikko....

I have to tell you, honestly, I really love it.  I am not just saying this.  It heats quickly and gets hot.  It works so smoothly it doesn't get tangled in my hair, a problem I run across.  The first day I tried it out I did not have time to completely dry my hair and worked great even then.  I find it leaves my hair smooth without losing the body.  I will be using this for a long time.

A huge thank you to Misikko for sending the Hana to me.  The service was quick and so polite, I cannot say enough great things about them.