Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick Day

One of the harder parts of being a working Mom is unexpected sick days.  You never want to see school on your caller ID.  This week a case of pink eye has taken us down.  You can't predict when illness will strike, actually scratch that you can.  Look at your calendar, find your busiest week or an important long scheduled meeting and go ahead and pencil in a case of the stomach bug on that day too.  Also, don't ever think, "I am getting caught up, after the next few days we will be set..." because that my friends is when the rose colored eye infection will be sure to show its ugly face.
There is a HUGE plus side though to sick days, especially with something like this were he feels just fine- extra time with my little man.  Such a welcomed treat even if means late nights to catch up. So, so very worth it.