Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Happy Place

"My life kind of goes in a big circle sometimes. Like I find myself

sometimes really going back to where I started and just remembering 
that that is a really happy place for me." -Rachel Zoe

This quote was taken from her show a few weeks ago. She is talking about styling, her first and true love in the midst of everything else she has going on. Something about it really resonated with me. Running a business involves so much.  So much work, uncertainty, change, nitty gritty details and  tasks that sometimes you forget how much you love it. For me the reset button, the happy place, is on installation days. Seeing what has been living in your head- worked and reworked- physically coming to fruition for all to see.  Yesterday was one of those days.
It might take me a while before I can fully share here but I promise it is coming.  

Image from my Instagram