Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

Do you have songs you find pop in your head just about every day?  Part of your routine if you will?  I have a few.  For some reason almost every morning I find myself singing Five O' Clock 500 by Alabama to Henry as we are getting ready in the morning.  Ironic since a.) it is morning and b.) a race car fan I don't happen to be.  Somehow though it always seems to be the perfect song for the moment.

It's that five o'clock 500 and I run it every day
Pick-up trucks, cars and buses all in my way
We've got Darrel, we've got Dale, Richard, Mark, Rusty and Jeff
Oh the boss just dropped the green we're on our way
It's that five o'clock 500 every day

During the work day for some unknown reason I find the lyric "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" pop in my head (well this and "she works hard for the money").   Given this little tidbit and my LOVE for random coffee mugs you can imagine my delight to stumble across these while on a Google search...
Oh so cute mug from Ashley Brooke Designs, home of SO many items I need want.
A simpler version from Kngo.
And this one from Cafe Press makes me laugh, not sure why, but I like.  Which one to add to my collection?