Thursday, June 6, 2013

Effect on Free Online Business Directories after Penguin Update 2.0

Free Business Directory Listing
Google Update their link building algorithm again in May 2013 that is a Penguin 2.0 update. After this, the main question in webmaster’sminds, is these free online business directories effective for their businesses? Online business directories are still helpful for your online businesses because you submit your real business information in these directories. But, some free online directories are not getting nice business for your online business because they are not good directories and they are not following Google guideline to add businesses.

These types of directories are not good for your online businesses and they can harm your business and at the end Google de-index these sites. So make sure before submitting your business details and links inthese spam directories. Free online business directories are good option to promote your business locally and many potential customers come at these directories to find any services and products. So, if your business is there then they can directly contact with you. 

Listing a business or add a business information in local yellow pages directories is very important for your business growth. The main reason forrejection of your business from these directories is you can’t take it seriously. You have to submit your business in relevant category and add real details of your business service and products. You need follow proper way to submit your products and services in online directories. Add your image of products and services that you are providing, is helpful to understand your business services.  

At the end, Google gives priority to these directories that have most relevant businesses and do not add un-relevant business in their online directories. These directories also help in search engine ranking.