Monday, June 10, 2013

Well Said Mr. Boodro

"And I have heard just about every possible argument against hiring a designer-they're too expensive, or they push people into going beyond their budgets and style comfort zones. 'I don't need one,' I've been told, 'because I have a connection who can get me into designer showrooms,' as if designers were little more than personal shoppers.

None of this is true, of course.  I have had the privilege of watching designers at work, and have witnessed how much thought, expertise, hard-won experience, and sheer legwork go into the seemingly magical transformations they oversee. Even the grandest talents never lose sight of the practical-such as where to place overhead lights, or how high the light switch and the door lock should be.  It is because these myriad mundane yet crucial considerations are second nature to them that designers can make creating a successful room seem effortless." - Michael Boodro, Editor in Chief Elle Decor

I thought this was so well put; thank you Mr. Boodro for a eloquent Editor's Page in this month's issue. The rest is certainly worth reading.
Image and quote via Elle Decor June 2013